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Hacktoberfest Wrapup

Nov 2, 2019     Tags: devblog, programming    

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This is the 2019 edition of an annual series of posts thanking Hacktoberfest contributors for their work on the open source projects that I own or help maintain. Previous editions:

As I said last year (really this January, oops): I usually don’t have a good way to contact people outside of the initial thanks I leave on merged PRs, and everybody deserves to know that their work is valued.

I reviewed a lot of PRs this month, and have made an effort to ensure that this list is complete. That being said, it’s almost certain that I’ve made mistakes or left people out unintentionally. If you find a mistake, please tell me!


In no particular order:


11 PRs, 10 merged (1 rejected as spam)

Thanks to layderv for additional syscall support, disconnect3d for documentation and krfctl improvements, and zedd-08 for fixing a small bug in krfctl.


6 PRs, 5 merged (1 rejected as spam)

Thanks to Dan Shelley for substantial feature additions, as well as to captn3m0 for improving the Docker build.


1 PR, 1 merged

Thanks to César Almeida for localizing the README into Brazilian Portuguese.


4 PRs, 3 merged (1 pending)

Thanks to Ckat for miscellaneous plugin work and refactoring.


1 PR, 1 merged

Thanks to inventednight for porting Winchecksec away from ImageHlp and to pe-parse.


1 PR, 1 merged

Thanks to Kyle Huey for adding a DynamoRIO worker.


4 PRs, 1 merged (2 pending, 1 rejected as spam)

Thanks to Stefan Siegfried for implementing Rich header parsing and making additional feature improvements.


1 PR, 1 merged

Thanks to iamazharsajjad for a tweak to attribute behavior.



8 PRs, 7 merged (1 pending)

Many thanks to Eli Bendersky for reviewing my (mostly) DWARF changes!