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General Project Updates and Thanks

Jan 20, 2019     Tags: devblog, programming    

In 2017, I did a post wrapping up Hacktoberfest: I briefly summarized each contributor’s changes and thanked them for the work they did.

I didn’t get around to doing a similar post for 2018, so I’m going to roll one together with a general set up project updates in this post. This post will also serve to thank those who contributed outside of Hacktoberfest — I usually don’t have a good way to contact people outside of the initial thanks I leave on merged PRs, and everybody deserves to know that their work is valued.

In no particular order:


Thanks to clsr for writing a separate native client in Go, as well as contributing keybinding support (released as part of 3.1 on AMO)!

General changes:


Thanks to Misty for adding support for new load commands!

General changes:


Thanks to the five Hacktoberfest contributors: Marcos Marado for adding CSV support, Ben DaSilva for fixing a bug in redirection detection, vanaltj for fixing a bug in CAA record parsing, and W0lfw00d and Giancarlo Giuffra for adding support for robots.txt and cookie auditing respectively!

Many thanks to the others who contributed in 2018 (and 2019, so far) outside of Hacktoberfest: Andy Armstrong, Nicolas CARPi, Dan Shelley, Reto Gantenbein, suve, and John Haugeland!

General changes:


Thanks to Gabriel Halley for numerous cleanup and RuboCop linting improvments!

General changes:


Thanks to annacrombie for some Ruby 2.5 fixes.

General changes: None, maintenance mode.


General changes: