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Reducing my blogging cadence

Apr 30, 2024     Tags: meta    


I started this blog in 2015. Since 2017, I have published (at least) one post a month, every month, on it. Maintaining a monthly cadence here has long been an informal goal of mine.

By years:

Year Post count
2017 31
2018 27
2019 13
2020 20
2021 13
2022 14
2023 13
2024 (ongoing) 4

Apart from a little COVID bump in 2020, the trend has been downwards towards a very steady cadence of exactly one a month, with the occasional “double feature” month.

Additionally, my posting patterns have trended towards later days in each month12:

Year Average day in month
2017 15.58
2018 12.96
2019 17.23
2020 13.55
2021 15.15
2022 16.86
2023 19.08
2024 (ongoing) 24.75

These two signals paint an interesting picture: while I’ve been able to maintain my cadence, I have regressed down to just meeting my cadence: one post a month, no more or less. Moreover, I’m clearly procrastinating on making my posts3, by writing them later in each month.

I created my blog to be a place to share the things I like4, not to be another source of routine obligation. So, in hopes of relieving some of that sense of obligation5, I’m explicitly shedding my promise of blogging at least once a month.

That’s the end of the post. I know I didn’t promise you a monthly cadence, dear reader, but explicitly dispelling my own personal commitment will hopefully bring you more posts (of greater interest and personal ~verve~) in the longer term.

  1. I know that averaging days in months doesn’t make a ton of sense. But it conveys the general idea. 

  2. ls _posts/ | grep -E "${YEAR}" | awk -F'-' '{ print $3 }' | jq -s add/length 

  3. Like this one, which is also a cop-out post. 

  4. And to keep my writing skills sharp, and to put words to things I think are important in my areas of interest, &c &c. 

  5. Obligation is a big source of the drag here, but it’s not the only one. My work is also 100% open source now (hooray!), I’ve been presenting more, lifestyle changes, &c. I wouldn’t trade or exchange these things, so my hope is that shedding the feeling of obligation will be sufficient. 

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