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A new release of ff2mpv

Jan 23, 2024     Tags: devblog, programming    

This is a short announcement post for the 5.x series of ff2mpv.

The last release (the 4.x series) was exactly 2 years ago, so it’s been a little while.

Big new things

This release series has two primary features:

Smaller new things

Upcoming things

ff2mpv continues to be very conservatively developed: support for MPV profiles is the biggest feature addition in years, and is likely to remain the biggest for a long time.

The biggest upcoming thing is the move to Manifest V3, which Chrome is making us do. There’s a work in progress PR for it, but we still have a few months until anything needs to change (provided Chrome doesn’t push the migration back again).

When MV3 comes out, I will likely begin the 6.x series. Until then, enjoy the 5.x series and please report any bugs you run into!

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