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Looking for additional maintainers on a few projects

Jul 16, 2023     Tags: devblog, oss, programming    

I was recently reminded by an excellent post on Terence Eden’s blog that I have a few projects that could use additional maintainers besides me. While I do my best to keep them up-to-date and address reports that come in, I believe that they could benefit from more active maintainership by others with greater stakes each project’s continued stability and growth.

I’ve summarized each below; if you’re a user or previous contributor to one, please get in touch with me! I’m also happy to consider non-users and entirely new maintainers, although I’d like to understand your potential interest and/or stake in the project if you aren’t already a user or contributor.


ruby-mpv is a Ruby library for controlling MPV processes through its JSON IPC protocol. I created this library a few years ago for a side project that has now been abandoned and memory holed, but the library itself is general purpose and already covers a large chunk of MPV’s IPC API.


qrencode.cr is a Crystal library that exposes high-level bindings for libqrencode.


x_do.cr is a Crystal library that exposes high-level bindings for libxdo.


notify.cr is a Crystal library that exposes high-level bindings for the D-Bus Desktop Notifications service.


libbdiff is a linkable C library version of Colin Percival’s bsdiff. It hasn’t been maintained in nearly a decade.


ruby-inih is a native (meaning written in C) Ruby library that exposes the inih INI parser via a Ruby API.


SimpleSession is a bare-bones session manager for Sublime Text 3 and 4, intended to be a simpler and more sync-friendly version of Sublime Text’s built-in “workspace” support. Based on Package Control statistics, it probably has a few dozen users.


These were just the few that I could remember — there are almost certainly others. If you’ve contributed to a project of mine that isn’t listed above and you’d like to help maintain it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as well!

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