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kbs2 0.1.x

Jul 18, 2020     Tags: devblog, kbs2, programming, rust    

As of about a month ago, kbs2 is officially in a “beta” state. I’ll go over what exactly that means in this post.

More installation options

As of 0.1.1, each kbs2 release also includes an auto-built Debian/Ubuntu package for x86_64. Check out a recent release for a download link.

Additional packages will be coming soon.

Bugfixes and features

The 0.1.x tree comes with a range of bugfixes and new features:

In addition, the following changes (among many others) were made prior to 0.1.0:

Stabilized CLI and record formats

As of 0.1.x, users should expect greater stability from both the kbs2 CLI and the record format (exposed via kbs2 dump --json).

The former’s stability is not enforced anywhere, but will not be changed (as a policy) except for security and bugfix related changes. These changes will be made according to a deprecation policy and will include warnings on use for several subsequent versions before total removal.

The record format was refactored several times during the alpha stage of development, and is now at a point where it reflects idiomatic use of serde. I don’t expect it to need to change again, except potentially to add additional record types. This should not affect consumers of the current types.

By way of example: here’s what you can always expect from a login record going forwards:

$ kbs2 new test
Username: foo
Password: [hidden]

$ kbs2 dump -j test | json_pp
   "body" : {
      "fields" : {
         "password" : "hunter2",
         "username" : "foo"
      "kind" : "Login"
   "label" : "test",
   "timestamp" : 1595097471

Logistical changes

kbs2’s repository now has a contrib directory. This directory contains resources that were previously split into other repositories, such as useful external commands and command hooks.

The files under contrib are not bundled as part of any release, and the directory should be considered a central resource for non-official extensions to kbs2. Additions by others will be happily accepted!

Next steps

I do not have any lingering major features or bugs on the roadmap for a 1.0.0 release. In fact, the 1.0.0 milestone is already complete!

Despite this, kbs2 is going to remain a beta for at least a few more months. I have a few reasons for this: