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Announcing CMSC389R — "Introduction to Ethical Hacking"

Nov 27, 2017     Tags: umd    

Are you a UMD student interested in hacking and the ethics thereof?

I’m going to be facilitating a brand new course this year, with Michael Reininger and Joshua Fleming: “Introduction to Ethical Hacking” (course code CMSC389R). Dave Levin will be advising and overseeing the class.

The class will provide a broad survey of topics in cybersecurity, including techniques (reconnaissance, pentesting, forensics, etc.) and ethical considerations (responsible disclosure, user privacy, etc.).

CMSC216 and CMSC250 are prerequisites, and the course meets on Fridays at 3:00 in CSIC 2118.

You can find more details on the schedule of classes and the course repository, which will be updated as the semester nears.