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Muzak, Week 4

Dec 25, 2016     Tags: muzak, programming, ruby    

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Preword: This is the fourth weekly post on muzak’s development. You can find the rest under the muzak tag.

Wow, one day early! This is going to be a very short update, since I’m in the middle of my winter break and haven’t done much work at all this week.

Some quick statistics:

Big(ger) changes

GitHub organization

Muzak now has its own GitHub organization.

In line with this, plugins that were previously under lib/muzak/plugin are now available in the muzak-plugins repository, and some example user commands are available in muzak-commands. This new layout should make plugin/command discovery (and contribution) slightly more straightforward.

YARD documentation

I finally got around to documenting large parts of muzak’s core with YARD. You can either build the documentation locally from the git repository with yard, or check it out the latest gem release documentation on RubyDoc.

Small(er) changes


This week saw my first attempt to run muzak with a non-local music library, so lots of bugs immediately sprung up. I think most of them have been fixed, to varying degrees of seemliness. The repository history has the details.

Next Week

Almost nothing is going to get done next week. I might fix more bugs if they harm my music listening experience. Give me a break, and give yourself one too (if you’re in college).

Happy holidays!

- William