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State of ruby-macho, Weeks of 5/30 and 6/6

Jun 12, 2016     Tags: gsoc, programming, ruby, ruby-macho    

Quick background: These posts are part of my ongoing work for Homebrew during this year’s Google Summer of Code. It revolves around ruby-macho, a pure-Ruby Mach-O parsing library I began last year as an eventual replacement to tools like otool and install_name_tool, which make Homebrew depend on Xcode for many tasks not directly related to compilation. The ultimate goal of this work is to eliminate Homebrew’s dependency on Xcode for bottle (binary) installs, making the average Homebrew install much lighter and more independent of Xcode (and OS X as a whole).

As of these past two weeks:


Many thanks to Martin Afanasjew (UniqMartin) for continuing to mentor me (and for reminding me to make this post).

The changes described above can be seen in PRs #24, #25, and #26, in that order.

Thanks for reading!

- William